UVC Ambulance Sterilization System

UVC Ambulance Sterilization System

Description of UVC Ambulance / Vehicles Sterilization System/p>

The traditional disinfection method requires spraying disinfectant in the ambulance / other vehicles, with 84 disinfectant [household chemicals] and wiping after spraying. Wiping will result in a certain amount of disinfectant left and do harm to human body, as well as contaminate clothing. Ultraviolet disinfection uses radiation to sterilize the interior environment of the ambulance / other vehicles without harming people.

The advantage of the ultraviolet disinfection method is firstly it is very efficient and less time-consuming, as well as requiring less labour and disinfection costs. Secondly, it disinfects thoroughly and kills more than 99.9 percent of viruses. Thirdly, it doesn't corrode ambulance / other vehicles; it is a purely physical disinfection method."

As per recently published research by US National Library of Medicine in Jan 2020, ultraviolet-C light can inactivate SARS syndrome coronavirus, Nipah virus and Crimean -Congo Haemorrhagic fever virus. While SOPs for sanitizing workers deployed in N-COVID-19 infected areas are well placed, there is an urgent need to develop low cost, time efficient instruments/facilities to sanitize their vehicles.

Our Allywing-UVC Vehicles Sterilization System is an ultraviolet-C Device that can kill a range of microorganisms including viruses and bacteria in a short period.

  • Scientifically proven UVC
  • 99.99% kill virus
  • Envirnmentally friendly, nontoxic, nonallergenic
  • Chemical free disinfection 
  • Tremendous saving of labor to kill virus
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