Allyoxi Oxygen Concentrator

Allyoxi Oxygen Concentrator

Allyoxi oxygen concentrator is a medical device that concentrates oxygen from ambient air. Atmspheric air has about 78 per cent nitrogen and 21 per cent oxygen, with other gases making up the remaining 1 per cent. The oxygen concentrator takes in this air, filters it through a sieve, releases the nitrogen back into the air, and works on the remaining oxygen. This oxygen concentrator, compressed and dispensed through a cannula, is 90-95 per cent pure. A pressure valve in concentrators helps regulate supply, ranging from 2.5-15 litres per minute. 

Principles of operation : The concentrator draws in room air and passes it through a series of filters that remove dust, bacteria, and other particulates. In the first step of the concentration process, a compressor forces air into one of the two cylinders containing sieve material, where nitrogen is adsorbed, leaving concentrated oxygen and a small percentage of other gases found in room air. Simultaneously, in the other cylinder, nitrogen is desorbed and exhausted into the atmosphere. In the second step, the function of the cylinders is reversed in a timed cycle, providing a continuous flow of oxygen to the patient.

Operating steps : The concentrator is properly set up by an expert.
• Unit is plugged in to a power source, turned on, and the oxygen flow is adjusted as prescribed by a doctor.
A nasal cannula or mask is applied to the patient.
• The concentrator is used for the prescribed amount of time, typically continuously for days or weeks at a time.
Environment of use : 
Settings of use: Home; hospital; nursing home
Requirements: Stable power source

Allywing Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a ISO: 13485:2016 certified company 
This Certificate is applicable to the manufacturing of oxygen concentrator with various model and its oxygen purity testing device (oxygen analyzer)
Allywing Solutions Pvt Ltd. also have Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) file number for manufacturing of oxygen concentrator

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