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Tejas is the best agriculture water pump in India. We offer a variety of Tejas pumps

Since 1st Nov 2019


We design and build innovative Next Generation Water Pumps

This is a next generation innovation with an approachable attitude towards an existing problem for millions of farmers India and abroad alike. It provides solution to the problems of millions of farmers for their irrigation need which is a burning issue for them for many decades. This Pump can be specifically used for pumping high volume of water with less requirement of drawing power/pressure as compared to existing traditional agricultural pumps.

Allywing-Tejas Pump


With the help of this water pump we can move high volume surface water (Pond/Lack/canal) at very less cost. This pump is very useful where former use Traditional Water Lifting or use Manual Lift Irrigation..

Allywing-Tejas Pump


• High Volume water at very Low cost • Easy to Set Up and Use • No Priming Required • Longer Pump Life • No Belts or Pulleys • Pump Extreme Volumes of Water • Can Run Dry • Oil Cups for Pump Bearing • Fully Water Proof Bearing Secure by Oil Seal • Fast Set Up • Easy to Setup or Move • Keeps Out Debris • Uniform Performance • Handle thrust Loads • Move high volume stored water very easily • High performance on surface water • Easy operation • Durable structure • Service warranty • Operated by single person • Versatile use and • Easy available spear parts

What We Do For Agriculture Irrigation

Tejas Pump Types

Tejas 4.5/07

Tejas 4.5/07 have 4.5 inch input hose and 4.5 Output water delivery with 7.00 feet long suction head this version is very useful for small land farmer.

Tejas 6.5/17

Tejas 6.5/17 have 6.5 inch input hose and 6.5 Output water delivery with 17.00 feet long suction head this version is very useful for small/medium land farmer.

Tejas 12.0/25

Tejas 12.0/25 have 12.0 inch input hose and 12.0 Output water delivery with 25.00 feet long suction head this version is very useful for large land farmer.

Best Features

of the Tejas Pump


No Priming Required


4.5X4.5, 6.5X6.5 and 12.00X12.00 inch


Very Low maintenance


400 ml to 1000 ml per hour


1.5 HP to 6.5HP


27kg to 97kg


Gasoline, Kerosene, Electricity and Solar Energy


Tejas Pump Live Preformance