• Allywing Solutions

    Allyoxi 15 LPM
    Oxygen Concentrator

  • Allywing Solutions

    Pumping high volume of water

    Next Generation
    Tejas Pumps

  • Allywing Solutions

    UV Germicidal Irradiation System

    For Hospitals &Offices

  • Allywing Solutions

    Sterilization System

    it is very efficient and less time-consuming

  • Allywing Solutions

    Sterilizer Cabinet

    This Ultraviolet Sterilizer to sanitize accessories like
    mobile phone, wallet, wrist watch etc...

Our Services

Healthcare Life Sciences

Effective sanitization in prevailing Covid-19 pandemic, Allywing Solutions has come up with innovative ready to use UVC based products.

Agro Machinery

Allywing Agro provides solution to the problems of millions of farmers for their irrigation need which is a burning issue for them for many decades
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Information Technology

Allywing IT is the Leading Hardware and Software (ERP) Development Company in Varanasi. We help you grow your business online.

About Allywing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Allywing Solutions has 10+ years rich experience in the field of Information Technology and provides technological solutions to more than 34 training institutions/colleges, approved by Directorate General of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping, Government of India.

In 2019, our company was incubated by Malaviya Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (MCIIE), Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi and on this platform, we have developed a low maintenance water pump (Tejas Pump) for agricultural use. This innovative idea was approved for funding by Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.

In prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, a serious threat to whole mankind, we devoted our efforts for nation in fight against COVID-19 through our various innovative products which have been widely recognized and installed at various reputed Hospitals/Institutions including Sir Sunderlal Hospital, IMS, BHU, Varanasi.

Certification and Recognition

Allywing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (an incubated company of MCIIE, BHU, Varanasi and startup recognized by DIIPT) has developed a series of UVC based disinfection products. Our low cost multi utility chamber for sterilization of PPE, cell phone, vehicle key, wallet, watch, thermal scanners, surgical tools, lab glass wares office files, papers etc. This Ultraviolet-C light-based sterilizer can kill a range of microorganisms including viruses (including SARS syndrome coronavirus, Nipah virus etc.) and bacteria in a short period.

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